Schedule Your Personal Online Soap Making Class
Schedule Your Personal Online Soap Making Class

Schedule Your Personal Online Soap Making Class

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I have had a few folks wanting classes who are unable to travel so I'll be offering one on one online classes. I can video through Facebook messenger and we can make a match together. So you'll need the materials in advance.

We also recommend buying and reading through Jan Berry's natural soap making book as well. You can buy from Amazon everything listed... Any you can see why set up and the class are a discount at $25 in person already. Online classes will be $20 and set around both of our schedules to make soap.

I'll be adding an option to purchase through our online store, but you'll need to still contact me with details on your available dates. However there's nothing like being here and hands on learning with me directly there to guide you and meeting our animals and seeing the whole homesteading operation, but sometimes traveling isn't an option (your you're impatient to try soap making on your own but just need a little extra help.)

List of materials:
-Set of stainless steel bowls, one very large to hold ice water, one just a little smaller than that for the oils and two others for mixing and measuring lye and goat's milk... I use that to actually freeze my goats milk once weighed out in.
-Small scale that does both grams and ounces
- lye
-8.5oz of frozen goat's milk
- olive oil
-sunflower oil
-coconut oil
- rendered lard or tallow
-silicon mold or other soap molds enough for 40oz
-safety glasses, gloves
-access to ice cubes
-3 spatulas, two spoons
-access to stove, one pot filled with water that one medium metal bowl may double boil and heat the oils, possibly needing pot holders to handle bowls
-access to sink
-1 to 2 oz of your favorite essential oils, you may also add oats, coffee beans and honey.
-metal whisk
-emersion blender

Please email me times and dates you'd like to set up when you have all of your material. We are happy to help those wanting to see how we make our soap or become self reliant and actually make their own soaps, and because there's only so much soap I can make!

If you would like an in person class or to visit the farm, or stay in our secluded second floor Airbnb please email or visit